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Pulling Trick
Pulling Trick
List Price: $0.49
Our Price: $0.30
You save $0.19!

Pulling tricks are also known as pulling fireworks or booby traps. They are basically pull-string firecrackers. Each end of the pulling trick has a length of string so here's where the booby trap capabilities come into play. Tie a bicycle to a fence for example. When the victim comes to get his bike, he'll get a very loud surprise. You can add more string to the booby traps of course and also tie several together. Use these to rig up house doors, kitchen cabinet doors or drawers, tools on a bench, helmet to a motorcycle, chair legs to a table, anything that can be tied together. Or just use them as firecrackers without the hazard of fire from lit fuses.

Contains 12 to each package.

Volume pricing:

1 to 11 packs for $.30 a pack 12 to 59 packs for $.25 a pack 60 to 287 packs for $.20 a pack 288 or more packs for $.15 a pack

single shot caps
Caps, Strip
List Price: $1.49
Our Price: $0.85
You save $0.64!

Package of 96 extra loud caps.

Use with :

   * Cap Bomb
   * Exploding pen
   * Exploding lighter
   * Exploding gum
   * Exploding toilet seat
   * Mini toy guns
   * Most single shot cap guns
Exploding Toilet Seat
Exploding Toilet Seat
List Price: $1.49
Our Price: $0.99
You save $0.50!

Follow the instructions on the package to set up this prank. When the victim lifts up the toilet seat a very loud cap is triggered off.

This device can also be used as a booby trap for:

   * Books
   * Doors
   * Gift boxes

This device requires caps, found on this page:
cap rocket bomb
Cap Bomb
List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $1.75
You save $1.24!

If you want to drive somebody nuts, buy cap bombs for their kids. They're extremely loud and kids have figured out how to make them even louder. This cap toy can use paper roll caps or plastic strip caps so it didn't take long for kids to figure out you could use both for an extra loud bang. Each Cap Bomb package includes 48 plastic strip caps.

exploding gum
Exploding Gum
List Price: $2.49
Our Price: $1.75
You save $0.74!

This prank looks like a regular pack of chewing gum but when the victim pulls out a stick, it fires off a very loud cap. Don't use on anybody with a heart condition.

You will need strip caps to use this item, found on this page:
exploding lighter
Exploding Lighter
List Price: $2.49
Our Price: $1.75
You save $0.74!

When this lighter is picked up off the table it triggers a cap with a very loud bang. This prank is the perfect cure for lighter thieves. You will need strip caps with this prank, found on this page:

exploding lipstick
Exploding Lipstick
List Price: $2.49
Our Price: $1.75
You save $0.74!

Looks exactly like an attractive tube of lipstick except this device fires a loud cap when it is pulled open. This is a reusable prank. Simply load with another cap and you're ready for the next victim. This prank requires caps, found on this page:
exploding pen
Exploding Pen
List Price: $2.49
Our Price: $1.75
You save $0.74!

This pen triggers off a super loud bang when the top is pulled off.

Get the victim to draw an "x" on a piece of paper with the promise that you will show him a cool trick.
This ruse will distract him from the pen.

This reusable prank requires strip caps, found on this page:
Cigarette Loads
Cigarette Loads
List Price: $2.49
Our Price: $1.95
You save $0.54!

Like drunks, smokers are always fair game for practical jokes, according to the Geneva Convention. A good way to observe this open season on smokers is by the use of cigarette loads. Cigarette loads are best used in a controlled setting, such as while sitting around playing cards or watching a game, etc. The best way to use them is to make a little pilot hole in the tobacco end of the cigarette with a toothpick or straightened out paper clip. Insert the load and then push it in a little farther. You don't want it to go off when they are lighting it, rather set it to go off after a few puffs. Loads are the sure cure for cigarette moochers. Keep a loaded cigarette in your pack with a little pencil mark on it or turned upside down so you'll be ready the next time the mooch needs one because he left his in the machine.
exploding wallet
Exploding Wallet
List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $1.95
You save $1.04!

Leave this wallet lying around to test the honesty of your victims.
Set the bait with some currency (fake or otherwise) sticking out of the wallet.
When opened, the exploding wallet fires a loud cap.

This prank requires caps, found on this page: