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Party Pooper Pocket Disgusting Sounds
List Price: $1.99
Our Price: 1.45
You save $0.54!
List Price: $9.99
Our Price: 6.95
You save $3.04!
party pooper pocket disgusting sounds
Secretly place the Party Pooper on the toilet seat and wait for the reactions! This rendition of a fake turd is so nicely created that the main problem is that it gets flushed away by the victim who thinks it is the real thing. You can also place this prank on the bedsheets or in the dirty laundry.
As you know, disgusting bodily sounds such as puking or farting are extremely hilarious, especially when you can produce them on demand. Timing is everything so with this pocket sized device you can produce any one of six horrible, disgusting sounds by simply pressing a button. This device is perfect to lend some hilarity to the bathroom stall experience and also for those awkward conversational pauses. Puking sounds can brighten anyone's day. Keep it handy also for those pesky telemarketer phone calls. It's also quite useful in leaving horrible messages on your victim's voice mail or answering machine. The six disgusting sounds include: Burp, Puke, Dry Heaves, Loogie Snort, quick Fart, and a long Fart! Batteries are included!
Flying Butterfly Rubber Chocolate Donut
List Price: $3.99
Our Price: $2.95
Sale Price: 2.00
You save $1.99!
List Price: $3.99
Our Price: 2.95
You save $1.04!
flying butterfly prank rubber chocolate donut
Imagine your victim opening their birthday card, only to have a butterfly suddenly flying out and around the room. The Flying Butterfly is a wind-up device that can fly 20 feet up in the air. To prepare the Flying Butterfly, grasp the device by the tail and wind up the front half like a propeller. Wind it up 25 turns, then insert it in the card or book. Test it a time or two before you put it to use. It can be used over and over. Do not send this to somebody with a weak heart. The genuine fake chocolate rubber donut definitely looks good enough to eat, and it is the same size and weight as a regular donut. As an added plus, this fake donut is totally low in cholesterol, as well as any other edible ingredients.
Kitty Crap Mouse Attack
List Price: $1.99
Our Price: 0.95
You save $1.04!
List Price: $3.99
Our Price: 2.75
You save $1.24!
kitty crap mouse attack
Here is a realistic Kitty sized fake poop to get your victim's cat blamed for missing the litter box. Place this fake crap next to the litter box or on the expensive carpet or furniture and watch the fun.
Very realistic fake mouse that you stick inside a cabinet or behind a door. When the victim opens that door, the mouse will fly out at them. Mention casually beforehand that you heard there was a problem with mice in the neighborhood due to recent demolition and construction. This is a nicely made, very light fake mouse attached to some nearly invisible monofilament line. Also included are twelve circles of tape to anchor the mouse.

Today's Super Deal!

butt putt

List Price: $19.99
Our Price: 9.95
You save $10.04!
butt putt
Practice your putting with the farting practice putter! Knock the ball into the hole and a fart sound is the payoff. The Butt Putt features 6 different fart noises. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

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