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Squirting Nickel Potato Gun
List Price: $3.99
Our Price: $2.95
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List Price: $4.99
Our Price: $1.95
You save $3.04!
Squirting Nickel potato gun
The squirting nickel is a nicely crafted little prank that is always good for a laugh. This is an actual nickel that has been modified in a machine shop to include a little brass chamber in the hollowed out back and a little pin hole in the front. To load the squirt nickel you hold it under water and squeeze the nickel until you don't see any more air bubbles. Dry off the nickel and you're ready. Ask the victim if he can read the date on the coin or, if he can see the sprinkler system on Jefferson's lawn. When he gets in range, squeeze the nickel and a little stream of water hits the victim in the face. One more way to approach the victim: ask if he can see the flower garden in front of Jefferson's house. Then you can say: whoops, there goes the sprinkler system.
This is a modern version of the old fashioned "spud gun". Simply poke the end of the gun into a potato to load it up, then fire. An average potato yields about 300 rounds. Shoots up to 50 feet and is harmless. Ammo is readily available in the produce aisle of any grocery store.
Fart Powder Pocket Disgusting Sounds
List Price: $1.49
Our Price: $0.95
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List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $6.95
You save $3.04!
fart powder pocket disgusting sounds
Here is a product that causes your victim to have embarrassing gas. Fart Powder is a harmless composition of glucose and licorice powder. When ingested this powder causes flatulence. It works best in a hot drink or on hot food.
As you know, disgusting bodily sounds such as puking or farting are extremely hilarious, especially when you can produce them on demand. Timing is everything so with this pocket sized device you can produce any one of six horrible, disgusting sounds by simply pressing a button. This device is perfect to lend some hilarity to the bathroom stall experience and also for those awkward conversational pauses. Puking sounds can brighten anyone's day. Keep it handy also for those pesky telemarketer phone calls. It's also quite useful in leaving horrible messages on your victim's voice mail or answering machine. The six disgusting sounds include: Burp, Puke, Dry Heaves, Loogie Snort, quick Fart, and a long Fart! Batteries are included!
Jumbo Sunglasses Gelling Joke
List Price: $3.99
Our Price: $2.75
You save $1.24!
List Price: $1.99
Our Price: $0.99
You save $1.00!
jumbo sunglasses gelling joke
Give yourself a big new look with giant sunglasses. The frames of these glasses are offset to fit most heads.
Gelling Joke is an amazing powder that turns a liquid into a gel instantaneously. A popular trick to pull with this powder requires two Styrofoam cups. Challenge the victim to do everything you do. The only difference is that your cup has the gelling powder already on the bottom. This fact will not be noticeable since the powder is white. Pour water in both cups. Hold your cup up and have the victim do the same. Hold the cup over your head and have the victim do the same. Now turn your cup upside down over your head. Not a drop will come out of your cup but your victim will get soaked. You can also use this powder to turn someone's beverage into a gel. This works best on non-carbonated beverages. Use ½ teaspoon per cup of liquid. Bottle contains enough for 2 or 3 applications.

Today's Super Deal!


List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $0.95
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36" fake snake
Very realistic three foot long fake snake is perfect for practical jokes. Position the fake snake artfully in a plant, in a brief case or purse or by the front door. Or use some mono-filament fishing line tied around the snake's head to make a startling prank for the beer cooler, car door, cabinet, or toilet seat. Simply tie a length of line so that the snake flies up at the victim when they open the cooler, door, or toilet lid. Many uses. Comes in assorted colors.

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