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Bar Tricks


Here are just a few Bar Tricks submitted by readers of "The Practical Joker" Newsletter.
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Bar trick: challenge the mark to roll a quarter down his face and land it in a large circle drawn on a napkin. Demonstrate this with one quarter, then give the mark the special quarter. To prepare this quarter, rub pencil lead around the rim into all the little grooves. Each time the mark rolls the quarter down his face it will leave a pencil line. Keep this up as long as you can keep a straight face and until the mark has lines all over his face.


Not only will you be able to pull off this practical joke but maybe you can make some money off of it.
Bet a friend that he can't do everything you do. When he accepts, go and get two glasses of water and say "ok let's start". First, lift the glass in the air as if toasting. Your friend does the same. Lift the glass to your mouth. Your friend does the same. Take a drink of the water. Your friend does the same. Wait a few seconds then spit the drink back into the cup. More than likely your friend has already swallowed the water. I have made ten bucks off of this joke.


My friend taught me this one . First get a friend to go to a local bar with you. Take 5 nickels and arrange them on the bar table in a box shape (one in each corner and one in the middle). Now tell your friend to buy a drink and get a napkin. Get your friend to sit next to you but pretend you don't know each other. Tell someone at the bar you can read their minds. Tell them to touch any nickel without you looking and you will tell them which one they touched. Here's the trick: when they touch a nickel your friend will move his cup to either a corner of his napkin or the center indicating which one of the nickels the mark touched.


Party trick: get a big bowl of water and ask if everybody has seen what happens when two hairs fight. Ask for a volunteer for a male hair and a volunteer for a female hair. Gather everyone around the bowl of water to watch carefully. Place the female hair in the water then pause with the male hair until everyone is watching the water closely. Now add the male hair with a mighty slap that splashes everyone.

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