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Telescopic Fork Smoking Donkey
List Price: $4.99
Our Price: $2.95
You save $2.04!
List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $5.95
You save $4.04!
telescopic fork Smoking Donkey
You can have some instant fun any time food is served when you have your telescopic fork. This specially made fork is a cross between a fork and a telescoping antenna. It extends out over two feet to give you a nice reach all around the dinner table or buffet bar. Make use of snappy lines such as: You don't mind sharing, do you? Do you mind if I play through? Okay, fork it over. Retracts down to 9 inches. Here's a device for the smoker that is delightfully tacky yet refreshingly tasteless. It's a donkey with a box on it's back. You load this box up with cigarettes. Then, when you press down on the donkey's ears, a cigarette is dispensed from out the donkey's wazzoo. Quite literally, it dispenses cigarettes out the Ass! The Smoking Donkey stands 5" tall, is 8" long and holds 24 cigarettes. Looks great anywhere!
Flying Butterfly Talking Toilet
List Price: $3.99
Our Price: $2.95
Sale Price: $2.45
You save $1.54!
List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $6.95
You save $3.04!
flying butterfly prank Talking Toilet
Imagine your victim opening their birthday card, only to have a butterfly suddenly flying out and around the room. The Flying Butterfly is a wind-up device that can fly 20 feet up in the air. To prepare the Flying Butterfly, grasp the device by the tail and wind up the front half like a propeller. Wind it up 25 turns, then insert it in the card or book. Test it a time or two before you put it to use. It can be used over and over. Do not send this to somebody with a weak heart. When you want to startle the crap out of your victim, a good time to do this is when they're actually sitting on the crapper. The talking toilet prank is activated when the unsuspecting victim sits on the toilet seat. A pressure sensitive switch placed under the seat kicks off the sound generator, which can be hidden behind the toilet. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Easy to follow instructions on back of package.
Party Pooper Rattlesnake Eggs
List Price: $1.99
Our Price: $1.45
You save $0.54!
List Price: $1.49
Our Price: $1.00
You save $0.49!
party pooper rattlesnake eggs
Secretly place the Party Pooper on the toilet seat and wait for the reactions! This rendition of a fake turd is so nicely created that the main problem is that it gets flushed away by the victim who thinks it is the real thing. You can also place this prank on the bedsheets or in the dirty laundry.
This is a classic prank and there are always victims who have never seen it. The trick consists of an envelope with a picture of a rattlesnake on it. Make sure the victim gets a good look at that picture. Inside the envelope is a device made of wire, rubber bands, and a washer. To prepare the trick, simply wind up the rubber band with washer about 80 turns. Slip the device inside the envelope being careful to hold onto it to keep it from unwinding. Approach the victim and ask if they have ever seen rattlesnake eggs. Be sure to mention that you have to be careful if the eggs have been in a warm spot because they can hatch out. Hand the envelope to the victim and watch them jump. If the victim is too afraid to take the envelope from you, just allow it to unwind and you will startle the crap out of them. (As an added bit of irony, there are no such things as rattlesnake eggs. Some snakes do lay eggs but rattlesnakes do not as their young are born alive.) Consider this an educational prank since it teaches people a lesson.

Volume pricing: 1 to 48 for $1.00 each 49 to 143 for $.75 each 144 or more for $.50 each

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drinking bird

List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $5.95
You save $4.04!
Drinking Bird
Here is the classic amazing perpetual motion drinking bird, back in production. Simply wet the bird's head and place next to a glass filled with water. The Drinking Bird will continue to bob up and down as long as there is water in the glass. This device is as close as one can get to an actual perpetual motion machine and works by principles of thermodynamics. This product contains methylene chloride and is not suitable for young children but can make an interesting science project for older kids. Makes a great bar decoration.

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