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Disappearing Knife Cards, Marked
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Disappearing Knife marked playing cards

The disappearing knife is also known as a stage knife. That's because the blade retracts into the handle on this fake knife instead of actually stabbing the victim. The overall length of this knife is 7 1/2" . The blade is 3" long. (Make sure young children or simpletons witnessing your prank understand the trick or you could end up being stabbed by a real knife -- just saying.)

This is a professional quality deck of marked playing cards available at an economical price. The secret markings on cards allow you to read the cards easily. Includes easy to follow instructions.
Fake Egg Everlit Birthday Candles
List Price: $1.99
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List Price: $1.49
Our Price: $0.49
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fake egg relighting birthday candles
Very realistic looking fake egg, This fake egg is made of solid plastic and very similar in weight to a regular egg. The fake egg is 2 inches long and weighs 1.3 ounces. Can you tell which one is fake in the second picture? It's the one on the right. Of course the obvious trick is to toss this egg to the victim. Also give a real egg to the victim and have them do everything you do with the fake egg.
Everlit Candles are great fun at a birthday party. The victim makes a wish and blows out the candles, but they magically relight themselves after a few seconds. No amount of blowing will make these candles go out. Magnesium particles in the wick cause these candles to relight themselves. Magnesium burns white hot and reignites the candle when blown out. You will want to keep a glass of water handy to dip these candles in when the fun is over and you want to put them out.

Floater Fading Vision Eye Chart
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List Price: $3.99
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Floating Turd fading vision eye chart
Here's a giant turd that is especially made to float in the pool. Also works great in hot tubs, bathtubs, shower floors, and in the bed too. This "captain's log" is over 10 inches long and is extremely realistic.
Test your victim's eyesight and mental alertness at the same time. Read the chart from left to right to find the not so subtle message.

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groucho glasses econo

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Groucho Glasses, Econo
Groucho Glasses, econo version These are the type of inexpensive Groucho Glasses that are typically found in Dollar Stores.

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